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About Kepsen

As a professional real estate advisory company in China, we have adequate resources and professional consultancy services in different areas of the real estate market and property projects, and dedicate to offer a full range of services for Home Builders, investors and users. We have the courage to meet any tough requirements for innovations as well as the ability to meet the different needs of customers with the most appropriate team. We are always committed to ensuring that our customers would receive the best quality and efficient service that surpasses their expectations.

From basic management to complex business, we have provided services for countries and regions of the large multinational companies, fund companies, trust companies, government departments, and international financial institutions. We are always providing customers with high quality service at a reasonable cost controlled by experienced professional staffs. And the services include the initial location of the property to the decoration of construction,project management and furniture, as well as relocation assistance, etc.

We offer the most comprehensive professional property services to our customers around the world, including real estate transactions, leasing, landlord services, tenant representatives, business services, investment and special projects, consulting and research, valuation, and property and asset management

No matter if it’s multinational,local or other types of companies,we are able to provide full range of services with no respecter of boundaries in China.Today, China has became one of the world's largest economic entity, and we are paying more attention to China's real estate market. We are striving to make full use of local resources to provide the best property service programs to our customers.

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